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Any process, in any industry, starts with a prime mover (electric motor -  gas engine - turbine...) that is designed to work at constant speed.

The user needs many different speeds and many different powers.

The flexibility of the No Switching transmission opens the door to many new applications.


NST heavy machinery.jpg

Heavy machinery:

They require high torques at low speed.

The No Switching transmission can deliver a continuously variable torque at low speed. 

As the speed goes down to zero the torque can increase indefinitely.

A small motor can deliver a very high torque. There is a possibility to downsize the motor

Electrical vehicles:

With a No Switching transmission the torque sent to the wheels does not depend of the size of the motor.

The No Switching transmission can keep the motor running all the time at top speed and maximum power.

Better acceleration at any speed with a smaller motor.

Military vehicles:

Any vehicles can climb very steep slopes fully loaded.

Easier to drive

Saves gas

Cheaper to build

Recharges the battery going downhill.

NST Militry vehicles 2.jpg


Better gas mileage

Less pollution

Cheaper to build

No speed limit. As long as the power of the motor is higher than the losses, the car will keep accelerating.

NST cars SUV 2.jpg

Artificial Intelligence:

AI requires a flexible source of energy.

Application to trucks:

Today's trucks keep switching between 18 gear ratios.

A.I. has better things to do that switching gears.

NST Trucks 2.jpg

Patents US 8,771,127 B2  -  US 9,109,681 B2  -  US 11,028,913 B2

  Differential CVT

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